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How many CPU cores a DEXTER personal cluster can take?

On products page you can find two example configurations: DEXTER 16 takes 16 CPU cores (32 threads), DEXTER 40 can take 40 CPU cores (80 threads) altogether.

Since we have four workstations installed, a 16-core DEXTER has 4 CPU cores in each workstation. Usually these CPUs are the latest Intel Core i7 processors with the highest clock frequency available.

A Core i7 CPU can fit in an mATX-size motherboard. In this case the three DEXTER slave nodes are based on mATX motherboards. The DEXTER master node is always based on an ATX-size motherboard.

To have 40 cores altogether in your DEXTER personal cluster you need a Xeon processor if you prefer Intel as CPU manufacturer. In this case all four workstations are based on ATX-size motherboards. This motherboard size provides more memory (RAM) per workstation, more graphics card can be installed but as a whole, your personal cluster would consume more energy.

As CPUs evolve, the number of cores/CPU increases contunuously. We decided to scale our product range between 16 and 40 CPU cores. This may change in the future depending on CPU development.